Director's Desk

Mohd Ikram Ansari has a Ph.D. Degree with around nine years of research and teaching experience. Dr. Ansari acquired a lot of roigrous training skills in India as well as abroad. He aquired his training and learning in different countries like the U.S.A., Germany, Brazil, South Korea, and Saudi Arabia.

Director's Message

It is my pleasure in welcoming you to Institute of Management training (IMT), which aims to provide proper growth and development of the candidate in the area of Sales and marketing. The institute is good enough to draw out the potential inside every candidate and give appropriate direction with the goal that their capabilities can be used to make them future specialists equipped for handling any task or assignment given to them smoothly after learning at IMT. The institute provides full training to improve their relational abilities, basic reasoning capacities, moral qualities and awareness of other's expectations. All endeavours are made to improve the innovativeness and critical thinking capacities of the candidate with the goal that they can contribute their best to the general public and the nation.At the Institute of Management and Training, we make a candidate to face challenges and trained them to tackle any obstacle. We focus on negative thinking like “I cannot”, “I do not want to” and ‘I should not have to.” We trained them to consider these obstacles as a stepping stones-opportunities that we have experienceden route for us to use, to “step on” with the goal that we accomplish more, grow further and at last realize our vision and mission. Our vision is to lead the Sales and marketing and to provide a leadership quality in the candidate.The corporate and industrial practices are continuously transforming and arenot the same as were a decade ago in this fast changing environment. Procedures being followed along today may turn practically old tomorrow.The proceeding with improvements in science and innovation; globalization of the economies; occupants battling to ensure their domains; a whirlwind of new items and administrations in industry and real progressions everywhere throughout the world are developing as key variables for the adjustment in business situations of the ventures like Banking and Finance, Insurance, Automobile, Aviation, Telecommunication, Media and Entertainment, Retail, pharmaceutical and so on. Change is the demand of the circumstance, thus the interest for the administration experts, who convey effectively regardless of the change. Crafted by directors and hierarchical pioneers in such situations is not just testing yet also fulfilling. The individuals who try to move toward becoming and develop as authoritative pioneers in the present condition should procure specific information, aptitude, and frames of mind. A sharp ascent in swelling and changed the way of life has made advanced education unreasonably expensive for the candidate network. To keep pace with the rapid speed at which the situation is changing, there is a desperate need to alter the conventional instructive practices and to update the mode, span, and system of the management training. Thus IMT is the first and unique of its kind in India to provide such training.